Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick Assault on Desolation

Chase and I had the opportunity to disappear into Desolation Wilderness for a couple nights last week. It was a quick getaway from, well, everything else, and allowed us to produce some great photos and video. I'll admit to being more focused on video during the limited time we had (came home with 38GB...), but I did manage to get a few photos.

After hiking in late afternoon on Wednesday, we spent the night at a tiny little lake that overlooks the Aloha Basin. Gol-darn, its name escapes me ;).

Here it is:


Some star trails

First light, ~5:40am

Chase becomes fully awake

After a relaxed breakfast, we broke camp and crossed the Aloha Basin to a cool little spot partway up Pyramid Peak.

Here are a couple photos looking across to Pyramid Peak and the Crystal Range over Lake Aloha:

After spending FAR too long over there, we hightailed it back to Casa Hancock at Echo Lake and enjoyed dinner and wine with the rest of the Hancock clan. Spent the night, had breakfast and a swim, and then rejoined the hustle and bustle of civilization.

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