Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feed Me

After a terrifying drive over Kingsbury, a quick sleep in a huge suite at The Ridge, a short-notice daytime wedding photographed with Riley, and a stopover in Incline for a rest and a meal and a meetup with Ethel, we sent Riley back over the hill and spent the night at Stateline for a concert at the Cal Neva.

Unfortunately, North Tahoe's Stateline ain't Reno when it comes to finding late-night food. Hungry after hours of dancing at a show that started at 10pm, we went for a little wander before we found anything of interest.

Cal Neva? No food whatsoever ("sustain thyselves on your gin-soaked martini olives and dreams of progressive jackpots, double-down twenty-ones, and sleazy one-night-stands, you degenerates," they laugh). Biltmore? Reheated bean 'n cheez burritos and mini pizzas (no thanks). Crystal Bay Club? 3am treasure trove.

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Beacon of hope

Little bistro thing, open 'til 4 or 4:30am, with friendly staff and cheap good food. Eggs, bacon, potatoes, toast, and two massive hot chocolates for the princely sum of $6.70.

Of particular interest were the hand-painted tables, each quite different from the others.

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Well done, Crystal Bay Club

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