Sunday, September 11, 2011


OK, first things first: Burning Man photos are coming soon. Real soon. Before that happens, though, we're going to spend a few minutes with the sculptures. A couple weeks ago, the entire lot of 'em got installed down in Carson City, and I took time last night to make a few photos of them with Ethel and Jane as highly skilled photo assistants.

2 explorers chat

Same 2 explorers and their view

Native woman and her dwelling; gesturing to children

Explorer leads two pack horses downhill

The project is finally complete, and I couldn't be happier about it. Paolo and I devoted just shy of a year to this one, and it's nice to have some, um, free time now.

If you're curious to see them (of COURSE you are), keep your eyes open the next time you head down to Carson. Here's a map, and a spotter's guide follows. Also, they view better and video better during the day, but I think they photograph better at night, so don't let my photos fool you into avoiding a daytime trip.

2 of them at the 5th St overpass. Most visible when driving south through Carson. Look up and to the east (left) side of the overpass as you approach. Also easily visible from 5th St.

3 of them at the Fairview interchange on the north side. Most visible when driving south. When approaching the mandatory Fairview offramp (until they extend the freeway), look up and east (left) to the close side of the straight onramp to 395. Also, if you happen to be entering 395 from Fairview westbound, you'll see the tops of these 3 out your left window at the top of the onramp, especially if you have a tall vehicle. Also visible if you enter 395 through the 270deg onramp; look up and right immediately after the loop ends.

And the mother lode...11 of them at the Fairview interchange on the south side. All 11 are in the 270deg looping onramp to 395 from Fairview eastbound. This is your only choice if you're returning to Reno from points south. Look to the inside as you're (safely, kids!) negotiating the onramp (hint: might be better for passengers). There's lots to see and it's a very dynamic view as you move around them and change elevation.

All 16 of these sculptures tell their own part of the same story, and I'm sure this won't be the last post featuring them. If you have seen them since they all got installed, please leave a comment (for better or worse; we can take it) with your impressions, reactions, etc. We're most curious to know what people who haven't spent a year neck-deep in the project think of them. Thanks!



Tara Jaye Theilen said...

Matt and I drive by these all the time and LOVE them... they add so much culture and art to Carson- so rad!!

Eliot said...

Thanks TJaye! We need to give you guys a night off...soon!

amy said...

These are just so fantastic Eliot. Can't wait to see them in person!

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