Monday, December 10, 2012

Brandon Part I

Brandon belongs to a growing class of people who do two maddening things: kick my ass and make me look fat.

While that's entirely true, it's not the whole truth: he's an up-and-coming young gun, an absolute beast of an athlete who will go a long way in the sport of triathlon.  He's also a good dude who I must take care not to insult too heavily, as he also makes delicious pizza.

I'm spending some time with him to "help build his digital presence."  Translation: ordering him around while I fiddle with the camera and the strobes.  I revel in this, because it's the only time I can make him suffer without being at risk of perishing myself.

Our first session was running; you'd better believe you'll see some swimming and biking before too long, too.  And for anyone keeping track, he's coached by the inimitable Nenad, so don't expect Brandon to be getting any slower anytime soon...

Flying down the trail

Resting between bouts of pain

Aforementioned bout of pain

Check out his corner of the web here, or go stalk him while he sells shoes, or look for him at the pointy end of pretty much any race within a 100-mile radius of Reno.


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