Monday, August 24, 2015

Sam Summers Hut

Sometime last summer, we pick a sparkling fine day to go for another nearby tramp that's super-accessible; just park along the highway along the way to Glenorchy and start walking up.

We've got one of Ethel's old bungy workmates with us, and we get to share all manner of travel and life stories as the track winds its way up to Sam Summers hut on the flanks of Mt Crichton.

Climbing up

Local flora

We're treated to fantastic views of Wakatipu, Cecil and Walter Peaks, and Lake Dispute on our way up; nothing to complain about there!

Sam Summers hut

Spartan accommodations

We do our best to keep moving, as the sandflies descend quickly whenever they sense weakness, and stillness equates to weakness in their little vampire neurons. With only a handful of steep sections, we soon find ourselves at the hut.

Murphy and Steve

The hut is the highest point on this hike, so from there, we descend quickly and are back to lower elevations before long.

Cracking little stream

Steve disappears into the abyss

The whole thing only takes a couple hours, but it's a lovely escape from our daily routine, and so close to home!


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