Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life in Reno

After a weekend trip down to the Bay Area a few weeks back, I dragged Ethel kicking and screaming to Reno. Well, it wasn't that hard. She was bound and gagged in the trunk, after all.


So we found a place to live; we're renting the downstairs of a cool old-Reno house up near the top of Skyline (for all ye locals) from Josh, the cool young guy who owns it.

Ethel is still looking for work.

I am technically employed although not working much, as I'm determined to get my upstart engineering consulting business off the ground.

Much is apparent to me after New Zealand. At the top of that heap is that an 8-to-5 job is simply not in the cards for me. If I look for one, I'll find one, and I'll be unhappy, so I shall continue to look for clients while my small reserves of cash dwindle away.

Work stuff aside, summer here has been great, especially once all the smoke from the California fires cleared out. I've been keeping moderately fit, swimming, biking, and running my way around. It's a chill summer of racing (or not racing), what with the cost of gas (driving to races), airline bike charges (flying to races), and not making much money (every other aspect of this sport).

Next big athletic push will be for a return to Silverman in November; I'm already looking forward to it.

Triathlon stuff aside, Burning Man is in just over a month.

And that's about that.

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