Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mt. Rose moonset/sunrise

The full moon was just a few nights ago. To commemorate this exceedingly rare event, Ethel and I made a nighttime assault on Mt. Rose. Here's how it went:

1:45 am: wake up after 2.5 hours of sleep.
2:02 am: depart house.
2:29 am: arrive Mt. Rose summit parking lot ;)
2:35 am: start hiking; headlamps only necessary when we're deep in the trees.
4:35 am: light starts to change in east.
4:40 am: reach summit.
4:40-6:30 am: watch amazing displays of light and color as the sun rises and the moon sets. Of particular interest is that the highest mountain range visible to the west was actually the shadow from the sun of Mt. Rose and nearby mountains in the Eastern Sierras being projected onto the haze and smoke far to the west.
6:40 am: pass out on summit.
8:05 am: awake on summit to Ethel giggling after taking pictures of a chipmunk eating food off
my shoulder.
8:10 am: leave summit before anyone else shows up.
9:50 am: back at car.

And here are some pictures. We'll start to the east and finish to the west.

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The veil of night beginning to lift away from the horizon

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Dawn has not yet reached Reno

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Lightening more to the east

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Many miles of new light

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The moon's not got much time left in the dark

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Moon behind the summit rocks

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Light show

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Moon chasing the shadows but losing

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Show's over

Quick edit: pics from Ethel!

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Workin' it. Or something.

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Wait for it...

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