Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ed was kind enough to pack Riley, me, and our combined trough of camera gear into his rented Cessna 172 SP for a quick cross-country flight last weekend. We departed Reno under clear skies with the plane pointed along the east side of the Sierras. All photos except the first were taken through the plane's window, so there's some funkiness here and there.

Hittin' tha switches

Toward Virginia Lakes near Mono

Different perspective of Mono's tufas

Our ulterior motive beyond helping Ed tick away the hours towards his IFR rating was scoping rideable backcountry lines, and the Eastside is chock full of 'em...

Big ol' Dana Plateau

Near Mammoth...any takers?

Our original plan was to fly from Reno to Bishop for a touch'n'go, but we were a bit pinched on time so we cut our flight short and stopped in Mammoth for a few minutes before turning 'er back around for home.

On final to MMH; 395 alongside

A propped view of Mono Lake

Thanks to Ed for putting up with Riley's incessant bickering, thankfully cut short by a nap on the way home, and for taking me along on a beautiful flight along the Sierras' Eastside. [ed. note: I played no part in any bickering. Whatsoever.]

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