Monday, February 22, 2010

Quick Booter Sesh

I got invited to go along with some doods into the backcountry on Saturday for a day of building jumps. We cruised up to Mt. Rose Meadows and hiked up into the gullies high above Little Lake. We were greeted with less-than-optimal snow conditions as we'd had some sun and no snow, so we were backed into a corner as far as what exposure had any decent snow. This unfortunate fact greatly limited our available terrain.

On top of that, a storm was rolling in, so we just got right down to it and started shoveling. We ended up building a couple of jumps that took advantage of our available terrain and had some fun.

Justin airs over the Liver Splinter stump

Ben styles it

Justin bonks the Splinter

Corked out

Busting through

As the storm intensified, we packed up and rode down. During a moment when I was riding at the back, I unknowingly dropped a snowshoe off my pack. By the time I figured that out, I had a ways to hike back up...silly rookie move!

Good day, much snow moved, and mucho tired arms.

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