Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Remember all that stuff I wrote about in the last post about consolation and backing away and waiting 'til next year? Well, that changed.

Long story: After getting home Saturday and stewing for a while, I decided that the conditions in Sullivan Chute were indeed passable, and that the mental consequences of letting it go outweighed the possible physical consequences in the line itself. So I went back. And remembered the intervalometer, which works just fine when it's not sitting on my bed. And got there at a better time in the morning. And set up a different shot. And set my head straight.

Short story: Consolation? Fuck that. Drrrrrrropping!


Self portrait

The only reason anybody knows what it's called. The origin of this line is a mystery.

I'll admit to not riding it gracefully, as I had to weasel down around a couple big loose rocks before pointing it straight for the exit air. Even though I still went from Zero to Not Zero rather rapidly, that weaseling made the exit smaller and I knuckled on the bergschrund below the drop, which I was hoping to clear easily. To give a sense for the speed, my camera was firing once a second, and there's just this one frame that includes me riding... I don't want to be in the business of claiming the steepness without verifying it, but DAMN.

I think I'd like to go back when there's more snow.



cheryl said...

WOW! nice shot!

Unknown said...

and maybe with some friends for safety and hard core claiming purposes.

Anonymous said...

awesome shot man.

Eliot said...

Josh- yes, some comrades would be nice out there. just had an itch to scratch...

Eliot said...

Cheryl and Sean- thanks!

Spencer Jones said...

Holy hell! Great shot and definitely a scary leap down.

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