Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Plan B

Mirroring life, sometimes we leave the house with a particular goal in mind, only to return with different and unexpected bounty.  Such was the case last Saturday, when Murphy and I saddled up hours before dawn with every intention of photographing an eclipsed full moon setting over the Lake Tahoe basin.

Instead, we observed two forces working against us: first, the fact that a totally eclipsed moon ain't that bright; second, that a bank of low clouds at the horizon rendered the highly-preconceived, lack-of-sleep generating, shivered-for Money Shot an utter impossibility.  Of course, confident 'til the end that fortuitous conditions would prevail, I didn't do a whole lot with the other interesting phases of the eclipse.  Here's the best:

Hiding behind Earth

Then, the sun rose, and I was tempted to stamp my feet back to the car furious that I didn't have a photo of the setting eclipsed moon.  With a bald eagle making a silhouette across it.  In the shape of Jesus.

Instead, I looked around a bit and saw some other cool stuff.  This next little animation I'm a fan of, and I think it'll turn into a neat series of prints, as there were a couple other similar shots nearby that worked out equally well.

Granite, revealed

Finished with the first stage of salvaging the super-early morning, we retreated to the Old Post Office in Carnelian Bay for a fantastic breakfast before the customary hordes arrived.  Salvage complete!


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