Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We made a quick escape to Portland a couple weekends ago, terrorizing the city's population of ironic hipsters with our relative lack of irony and our relative abundance of skin pigment. Not really concerned with seeing the sights, we gallivanted from coffee to food to drinks to shops, in no particular order, and with frequent rinse and repeat cycles.

We also made a temporary base camp at Perch, Jon and Willi's most progressive furniture store, although we probably scared some customers away as it likely appeared that we were homeless and squatting.

Quench thy thirst, knave

In our non-food/drink/caffeine-consuming moments, we explored the surroundings via a couple of runs. Chase (his Excellency) took me on a fantastic journey in the aptly named Forest Park (it's a park in a forest), and we finished muddy and exhilarated after winding through huge lushly draped trees at a largely unsafe pace.  There are no fairweather athletes in Portland; embracing the rain is ingrained in the culture of the cyclists and runners, it seems.  Cheerfully soggy is de rigueur there and unheard of in Reno!

I'm totally over Powell's Books; it's so big that it's disorienting. Walking out of there without spending a dime is easy for me. Powell's Building 2, however, is an entirely different story. It's a repository of technical and scientific tomes, and it's much smaller, and it's fraught with danger at every turn, and it requires an utmost of restraint to leave there without blowing a paycheck. It probably speaks to some deep-seated problem in my psyche that I'm excited by dusty quantum mechanics textbooks. Whatever.

Old and new

It's a fun city, full of intriguing culture and architecture and friends, and well-worth a visit, no matter how short!


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