Thursday, January 16, 2014

Carmel: Tidepool Fail

On the afternoon of the Big Sur Half Marathon, which ended up being a good race for me, I decided that a recovery walk would be a good contribution in the grand scheme of things. Not wanting to get TOO crazy, I stuffed my photo backpack in the car, drove to my aunt and uncle's neighborhood, and wandered down to the beach below them.

As my agenda for the evening had nary an entry, I took the relaxed approach and decided to set up a photo after previsualizing it, carefully arranging myself, and waiting for the right light. So I did all those things, dialing in all the appropriate knobs on the tilt-shift and on the camera. I was perched on a low rock in a pretty cool tidepool, and after a while, I started noticing that the occasional wave would breach the tidepool and move things around a bit. And after a little while longer (still waiting for the right light), I noticed that my feet were wet. Hmmmm. Remember how I said that the ocean is kinda foreign to me? Yeah, well, the tide was on its way in, and with gusto. Haha.

A rising tide lifts all tripods

I looked behind me and noticed that my escape route was being compromised with every passing minute, decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and reluctantly plucked my tripod from its spot. I made it out of the tidepool just fine, which felt like a substantial accomplishment given that my legs weren't ranking too high on the coordination scale and were actually pretty sore. Of course, it wasn't another 5 minutes before the light exploded and lit the clouds spectacularly, during which time I dejectedly pointed my camera at random things and hoped for the best.

Isolated reflection

My consolation prize was to make a quick pano of the fiery skies over Point Lobos:

Point Lobos sunset (click for bigger)

Can't win 'em all, but the mental picture of dunking my camera into the sea while simultaneously cracking my head on a rock and then oh-so-awkwardly drowning in a foot of water was ample motivation to be satisfied with how the mission turned out.


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