Thursday, February 19, 2015

Taming the Raging Lake

Wakatipu is pretty frequently angry. Like, really angry.

On this particular evening, the wind was blowing so hard that opening the car door was a calculated risk, much less balancing a camera out in the elements for any extended period of time.

However, I could tell from the living room that the light was going to be Worth It, and for once, I could visualize the photo I wanted to make, so off we went to brave the full force of the southerly. And goddamn it, this is why I've invested in robust camera gear.

Nice place to dip yer toes

Fortunately, if you keep the shutter open long enough, and hang onto the camera+tripod reeeeeeeeaaaaal tight, you can turn chaos into peace. Not sure if there's a lesson to be learned from that. Well, it wasn't meant as such. Anyhow.



Unknown said...

What a stunning lesson? Hold tight to truth, the bullshit is all illusion. Super beautiful and peaceful truth. Love it E!

Thomas said...

Amazing picture! Beautifully captured moment

Eliot said...

Thank you both. Happy to share!

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