Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Australia, Quickly - Blue Mountains

In this episode, Murphy and I make a quick getaway to Australia for her birthday (in some unspecified year, of course). We only have a few days, and rumor has it that Australia is big, so we keep our expectations realistic. Also, Ethel lived there for a year, so she has no need to go flapping about the entire place in our short time.

Does not disappoint

First light on the cliffs and a wispy waterfall

After landing in SYD, we escape immediately to the Blue Mountains, where we hole up in Katoomba for a couple nights with the express purpose of going on some solid trail runs. We make a pilgrimage to Govetts Leap for sunrise, and since it's cold as balls in the Blue Mountains in winter, it is pretty quiet.

Take me to church

With less color

The big run we go on is an absolute monster...all civilization in the Blue Mountains is on the rim, so the first thing you do is descend a million steep steps to get down to the bottom, which you then of course have to re-ascend a couple hours later when you're totally wrecked. Unfortunately the device on which I took some photos no longer exists, but there are a few photos uploaded to the Strava activity for the day, in case you want to see what the bottom of the Blue Mountains looks like a little bit (including some wildlife).

That same wispy waterfall from the other side

Katoomba is sleepy and cold in the winter, so our short time there consists of little more than the big run, a little run, and all the associated food, sleep, and caffeine that goes along with said runs. Clock ticking away, we bid the Blue Mountains adieu and head back towards Sydney for the rest of our visit.


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