Monday, October 13, 2008

T-minus 4 weeks...

...'til Silverman, and I'm fired up for it!

My body is holding up exceptionally well and my head is calm as a Hindu cow.

Here's what the last week or so of training was like:

Friday: Self-supported half-ironman, easy pace. 5:20ish.
Saturday: Swim 2500yds; recovery.
Sunday: Ride to Tahoe and back; 66 miles, 2 huge climbs.
Monday: Beginning of run-focused week. Swim 4200yds, run 6.5 flat miles.
Tuesday: Bike 78 miles, 1 big climb, run 4 flat miles.
Wednesday: Swim 3800yds, run 10 flat miles.
Thursday: Run 9 hilly miles, 2 hours on bike trainer (bad weather).
Friday: Swim 3600yds, run 4 flat miles, 2 hours on bike trainer (more bad weather).
Saturday: Run 7.5 hilly miles.
Sunday: 1 hour on bike trainer (death to the trainer!), run 20 hilly miles; 2:40ish.

So that's a 61-mile run week, peanuts to a real runner, but more than I'm used to. It's a good thing to do every now and then. Looking forward to some more time on the bike though, especially now that the weather is warming up again.

Today was an easy swim/rest day. The rest of this week is gonna be filled with pain, but nearly all of the hard work is done for this race!

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