Saturday, February 25, 2012

Western Lass

Murphy got herself all gussied up the other day so we went and capitalized on it.

At least one of us cleans up nice!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Print Sale!

As I've mentioned a couple times, I'm a contributing photographer at Kinetic Lens, a collaborative effort to plaster your walls with art and to benefit rescue animals at the same time.

In the interest of rewarding my loyal readership, I'm pleased to offer a healthy discount on my galleries for the next month.  Select what you'd like to purchase, and in the checkout process, enter this code (without the quotation marks) in the Coupon Code box: "ed0212-20p-edo". This will get you 20% off (excluding shipping), with no minimum order, and it's good until March 20th. The best part is that, while you're saving money, we donate the same amount to Best Friends.

From the Desert gallery

From the Ice gallery

As a further reminder, these prints are of exceptional quality: 8" x 12" archive pigment print hand-produced on museum quality paper, centered on an 11" x 14" sheet for easy mounting and framing. They really do look stunning, and I'm not just saying that! Our crack print-making team gets punished heavily for any mistakes, meaning that motivation to turn out quality product is at an all-time high.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tenaya Ice

As promised, here's a continuation of the trip to Yosemite from early January.  The story is that Matt and I were wandering around on a very frozen Tenaya Lake, and by virtue of needing to not slip and break our necks and untold thousands of dollars worth of camera gear, we spent a good amount of time staring straight down at our feet.

The exceptional clarity of the High Sierra lake, paired with innumerable bubbles that had risen to the surface near the shore in a wide variety of patterns and sizes, made for a veritable photo-geek playground. Unleashing the trusty macro lens and figuring out a deceptively simple way to illuminate them, I quite literally freaked out on it for a couple hours after dialing in the technique.









One thing I love about macro photography is that it exposes lesser-known aspects of the world surrounding us. It was only by virtue of truly remarkable weather conditions that allowed us to be in that place at that time and to photograph something as inane-sounding as ice, and a good example of the benefit of being willing to pounce on unforeseen opportunities.

These photos (and others) are available for purchase as open editions at Kinetic Lens. Remember that 50% of all profits are donated to Best Friends Animal Society, a sanctuary that improves life for animals in need, whatever their shape or size.


Sunday, February 12, 2012


This one began with oh-so-noble intentions.  People who make Antarctic expeditions usually leave fat and happy and come back gaunt and withered.  Grant, in case you're one of the twelve people on the planet that doesn't know him, just got back from being the first adaptive athlete in history to ski to the South Pole.  He wanted to do before/after photos, and here's what we got.

The Before was a cinch.  It was the night before they left, the house was littered with the debris of a Class 1 Gear Explosion, and he was filled with the anticipation of adventures at the extents of the globe.

Pre-Antarctic, 12/28/11

The After photo was...not so easy...  Only back in town for a day, he'd already been off the ice for a week and had been returning to more complete meals.  Besides, he'd been pretty darn ready fitness-wise, not exactly desiring to be the first adaptive athlete to perish halfway there.  The pressure was off, the to-do list had a few things scratched off it, and it was simply too hard to show any drastic difference from before he left (see above note about being ready).

So we just had fun with it.  It's hard for a guy like him to be serious all the time, anyway.

Post-Antarctic, 1/25/2012

In other news, they've launched the new Korg 3.0 website.  Check it out!  There'll be more of those awesome Heart Fire necklaces for sale shortly; the first run sold out rapidly and the second run is in production now.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Here's another one from my trip to Yosemite with Matt a few weekends ago.  For all you geeks out there, it's 3 stitched verticals with the TS-E 90mm.

Tenaya and domes

This icy scene will be followed by another post exclusively featuring ice in the next few days.  Sounds boring. :)


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We made a quick escape to Portland a couple weekends ago, terrorizing the city's population of ironic hipsters with our relative lack of irony and our relative abundance of skin pigment. Not really concerned with seeing the sights, we gallivanted from coffee to food to drinks to shops, in no particular order, and with frequent rinse and repeat cycles.

We also made a temporary base camp at Perch, Jon and Willi's most progressive furniture store, although we probably scared some customers away as it likely appeared that we were homeless and squatting.

Quench thy thirst, knave

In our non-food/drink/caffeine-consuming moments, we explored the surroundings via a couple of runs. Chase (his Excellency) took me on a fantastic journey in the aptly named Forest Park (it's a park in a forest), and we finished muddy and exhilarated after winding through huge lushly draped trees at a largely unsafe pace.  There are no fairweather athletes in Portland; embracing the rain is ingrained in the culture of the cyclists and runners, it seems.  Cheerfully soggy is de rigueur there and unheard of in Reno!

I'm totally over Powell's Books; it's so big that it's disorienting. Walking out of there without spending a dime is easy for me. Powell's Building 2, however, is an entirely different story. It's a repository of technical and scientific tomes, and it's much smaller, and it's fraught with danger at every turn, and it requires an utmost of restraint to leave there without blowing a paycheck. It probably speaks to some deep-seated problem in my psyche that I'm excited by dusty quantum mechanics textbooks. Whatever.

Old and new

It's a fun city, full of intriguing culture and architecture and friends, and well-worth a visit, no matter how short!


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