Friday, February 19, 2016

Renovated Reno Residence

Architectural photography is a form of this art I enjoy immensely, but is one I don't get to practice as often as I'd like. It's extremely time-consuming and super-technical; I also can't imagine what it would be like to do this during film days. Mad respect yo.

Whenever I have the opportunity to dive into some architectural work, I'm usually keen for it, and I feel fortunate to be excellent friends with a guy who produces astounding residential and commercial spaces. Lest this sound like an ad, Paolo, overlord at Tutto Ferro, cares deeply about his craft, so I love setting up a camera in front of his work.

Anyhow, these photos are from a house in Old Southwest Reno that underwent a lengthy and comprehensive renovation. It still (mostly) looks like an Old Southwest home from the outside, but nearly everything got given a good going-through. Here are my favorites:

Side walkway

Front yard

Front door


Sitting room

Many surfaces

Coolest guest bathroom ever; sunken Japanese tub

Stacked sliders

Back patio

Thanks again to the owners for graciously allowing access, to Paolo for his tireless work to transform the joint, and to top-notch photo slaves Nate and Murphy for tolerating the drudgery.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hookjaw Swoop

Ed. note: goddamn backlog.

Last year Two years ago, Murphy and I found ourselves indecisive about what to do over Memorial Day weekend, so we made a snap decision to go visit Hookjaw in Montana. Of course, we don't go there often enough, but it's grade-A R&R material whenever we do go.

Hookjaw is an official Guilt-Free Zone, which means that most anything goes. In practice, it's a little less hedonistic and a little more epicurean, which is a) just fine, and b) probably why it doesn't have tales of debauchery floating about.

It -is- the Wild West, so refreshers on gun safety are part of the customary menu.

Hold on tight, snowflake

Something something second amendment

Perhaps one of the more noteworthy aspects of Hookjaw is the ridiculous amount of territory that's easily accessible just out the front and back doors. Between the high concentration of fly-fishing temples, gigantic valleys, and expansive mountain ranges, there's always something to go explore. Grand views, details, and decay are all equally interesting given one's mood.

Aforementioned decay

Another day on the Jeff

Hookjaw is right along the Jefferson River, and the valley is classic Montana Big Sky. In addition to the obvious outdoorsman-type pursuits, there's easy access to hiking, trail running, and biking, which always perks up my little elf ears. I've gone for 20-mile runs up in the mountains and 2-mile trots along the river; both are equally rewarding, although the former usually means more treats.

Compliant willows

Beavers do their thing

Most days end with a beer in hand and a wander around the neighborhood. Everything's in a constant state of change due to nature doing its thing and whatever wildlife happens to be passing through.

Hells Canyon Creek

Post/wire detail

On this particular trip, Murphy comes equipped with a Tenkara fly rod, which she puts through its paces, at least in a cursory fashion.

Murphy takes a call from her stockbroker

Behind the scenes: -very- patient lighting crew

It's easy to lose an entire day to traipsing around up in the hills, mountains, rocks, streams, and forests. There's lots of evidence of human presence, but at any given moment, dollars to donuts you're the only one around.

Nice spot to relax

Across from the Tobacco Roots

The BBQ, campfire, and warm roof back at home base always mean that the day's sins are forgotten, swiftly after they're shared with whomever else happens to be crashing the party.

Lazy Jefferson

Sunset in the hills

While the days at Hookjaw always tend to be filled with something or other, sometimes frenetic and sometimes very lazy, it's always a relaxing way to disappear for a while. The 12-hour drive from Reno is a bit of a downer, but perhaps this is a small price to pay for a little slice of wild west paradise.


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