Thursday, December 30, 2010


The first sculpture was supposed to get installed Tuesday but got postponed to next week. However, it did get moved from the shop to the alley to have the mill scale removed, which allows the steel to oxidize. Washing the sculpture added enough water to the mix to start that process.

Beyond the new colors of rust in all its forms, seeing the beast outside added a whole new lighting scenario. The natural light and pooled water on the slices provided neatly stacked reflection pools, all interspersed with the beginnings of time's slow assault on the metal.

Here are some detail photos...

We find ourselves approaching and inspecting this thing from every angle, each new perspective revealing fresh detail, color, and lines. We probably look really funny doing it, too.

More full-body photos will be forthcoming shortly after its installation in its native habitat. I'm quite anxious to see it there.


Past Detritus