Monday, November 21, 2011

Snowy CX

I had the pleasure of spending my Sunday morning spectating at Murphy's first cyclocross race here in Reno.  If you've never heard of cyclocross, these 18 seconds at Youtube will sum it up well.

Anyhow, a few of Reno's familiar faces turned up to hammer away in the snow and cold, and it turned out to be a better morning for weather than we expected.  The course wound its way around the campus of Clayton Middle School and was most expertly organized by the Reno Wheelmen.

Poor little munchkin

Ethel navigates the sidehill

Ben rocks the single-speed to a dominating victory

Excellent form on the stairs

Nate powers onto the flat

Brian peers down the hill

As is typical with races like these, riders of comparable experience levels are grouped together, and then those groups are combined into each race to prevent it from dragging on all day.  So while Ethel was only being timed against the other women in her group, she was out racing with the boys and mixing it up with everyone.  And she won her women's race!  She just may have a knack for this sort of thing :)

We were well clear of the big fire in Reno, and are most thankful that the hardworking firefighters saved as many homes as they did.  The damage could have been far worse, as it was a perfect storm of conditions for the massive inferno.  Here's to hoping that everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving, or at least a restful few days away from work!


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