Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Black Rock Blast V: Deep Playa Beckons

We treated ourselves with a trip out to a special spot deep in the playa, far away from the bustling metropolis of Gerlach. However, doing so necessitated a recon mission to observe the condition of the playa where we'd need to be traveling through/around. We'd had enough recent precipitation to make me unwilling to just blindly drive right down the middle, and it's a good thing we checked.

Happy dog at our recon spot

From our vantage point high above the playa surface (it doesn't take much to see a lot), we elected to avoid the direct route and picked a safer alternative; getting stuck out there would be a most unpleasant proposition. Thus satisfied with our research, we headed back to camp and prepared for our late-afternoon departure to the depths.

Quick inspection

We had a big crew, which is always more difficult to herd, and our circuitous route proved to be slow going, so we didn't have time to swim at the hot springs along the way, as we were fairly invested in getting to our chosen spot before the light got good.

Zee arteest

Fortunately, we made it, beat up from the rough playa-bordering "road" and frazzled by the fast-moving sun's relentless pursuit. Breathing deep in the clear air, we relaxed and settled into the evening's plans, which were entirely comprised of cocktails and photos.

Diving orb

Group selfie

Lonely puff

Veil chases sunset

We kicked around, wandered, and reveled in every last moment of the desert's end-of-day routine, a thoroughly rejuvenating experience. As the veil of darkness rose from the east and chased the western show out of the sky, chucked our stuff in the truck, and made a minor relocation. You see, I'd done some research, and I had plans for the next few hours...the afternoon and evening were only the beginning...



Anonymous said...

oooohhhh.... foreshadowing!

Eliot said...

I see you've got the hang of this :)

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