Monday, November 18, 2013

Keep Tahoe Smoky

Back in August, there was a gigantic wildfire in the greater Yosemite neighborhood that was hugely destructive, largely because it was burning in terrain that was too difficult to access. One of the firefighting techniques employed was to actually let the fire burn up into the High Sierra granite where it would run out of fuel.

It makes me deeply happy that there are still places in this civilized country that haven't yet been overrun by civilization to the point that fires like this one are merely a part of our history. Of course, the flip side of that coin is that they wreak all sorts of havoc, and they impact entire ecosystems, not to mention nearby (or not so nearby) towns and cities.

The Rim Fire was responsible for thick smoke blanketing Reno for a few weeks, and it got pretty old pretty fast. Curiously, our air quality was on par with a nice day in Beijing, which is a sobering thought on several counts.

All that being said, smoke makes for amazing light for photos. These two are from a quick jaunt to Incline one evening prior to a Shakespeare play at Sand Harbor. The show must go on!


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