Monday, April 14, 2014

Ireland I: The Easy Way

So...first post in over a month. Been interesting 'round these parts, to say the least. I had originally scheduled something far more brooding for today, but decided to run with this instead. After all, I've got scads of photos in the backlog, and there's a metric pile from Ireland that needed to get kicked off in serial fashion. So here goes...Ireland I of XV or so :)

Over Christmas and New Years, we traipsed off to Ireland to visit Ethel's family and to contract pneumonia. Well, that was my joke prior to the trip, because Ireland is not known for its temperate winters, and it only ended up being partially true.

Maybe it's the crushing boredom that can dominate air travel that's been my motivation, but I've discovered that I hold flight and airport photography quite dear. Perhaps this next clause will be noticed by the kind folks at Expedia or something, but I'd have a hard time saying no to spending a bunch of time in the air with the sole purpose of making pretty pictures of the changing terrain and light silently sliding along miles below, plus cool airport architecture between flights.







I also haven't been sleeping well on flights lately, so I've gotta do something with my time...

As you can infer, we landed in Dublin and it was raining, but we followed that up with a full Irish breakfast, so no hard feelings there.

Little did we know that the 17 hours it took us to get to Dublin was going to be the easiest travel of the trip...oooooooh, foreshadowing!

Much more to come, and sorry for the radio silence.


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