Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ireland XII: Dublin, Briefly

I realized (OK, I never really forgot) that there were a couple final Ireland posts hanging out there, so it's best to tidy that up, yeah?

After a couple weeks of traipsing around Counties Laois and Wexford, we made our way back to Dublin for something resembling 24 hours to catch up with a few peeps before making the trip home.

The city was still pretty well decorated from Christmas, and the weather was only kinda awful (it only rained hard for a few hours), so we found some good meals and some good sights.


Lights and lights and lights

Biggest bow east of the Mississippi, boy

The pub we landed at that night made toasties at a furious pace, and I was fascinated to watch the barmen and women switch effortlessly from pouring pints to slathering mustard. So I ate about four of them, and they were spectacular.

With a few pints in us for good measure, we wandered back to the hotel, ready for one last sleep before an easy trip home...famous last words.


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