Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Iceland: Secret Cave at Dyrhólaey

Continuing our meanderings along the SE coast, we find ourselves subjected to a constant drizzle. Unfortunately, this would be representative of the weather during most of our trip, but hey, you can't expect wine and roses all the time on a tiny rock floating way up in the North Atlantic.

One of our stops is well-visited; Dyrhólaey is home to an imposing promontory, a lighthouse, and a really cool black beach.

Yup, lighthouse

The black beach also includes vast expanses of pebbles, all worn smooth by smashing storms and incessant waves.



...and I call this Pebbles of a Thousand Selfies

Coolest cairn ever

At some point, while cruising around on this beach, I notice what appears to be a hole that a person can crawl through. We squirm through and find ourselves in a cave that's quite big; big enough to stand in and dark enough to hit one's head on all sort of unpleasant things.

Murphy chills

Because our itinerary for the day is largely non-existent and because Murphy, Joe, and Svein are exceptionally tolerant travel mates, I hobble back to the car, dangle more camera gear over my shoulders, and hobble back to the cave, because why not?

Joe pretends like the whole thing isn't at risk of collapsing

Sometimes, the little discoveries hold so much more fun than the main attractions! Word through the grapevine is that this cave either filled in or got blocked by rock or something, so we did well to enjoy it while it was there.


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