Thursday, April 30, 2015

Iceland: Vestmannaeyjar II

We awaken, still full from our feast at Slippurinn, and are faced with a slightly more incessant drizzle than we've been used to. Fortunately, there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear, so we lightly breakfast and start exploring.

Drizzly volcanic coast

We first make our way to the lava flows that devastated the island four decades ago. We tramp around through the neighborhoods surrounding the flow, which survived intact and are largely unchanged since then. Before too long, we have a huge pile of lava to clamber around on. Fortunately, lava is still grippy when it's wet.

Sums it up nicely


After a healthy amount of exploration, we continue to the other end of the island and look south out to the vast North Atlantic. There's some grazing land up there, which terrifyingly ends in sheer cliffs to the sea, and I imagine at least a sheep or three has miscalculated a step.

More of the Westman Islands

Wonder what's over that way?

I do my best to not be one of the clumsy sheep.

Oh right it's a cliff don't die please

Mind yer own bizness

The sun has made a grand appearance for about an hour, and we revel in being able to soak it up, even if it means walking around ankle deep in sheep dung. As our first walk through the lava flow featured poor weather, we head back that way to poke around some more. There's lovely detail and evidence of life trumping destruction around every corner and in every nook and cranny.


Looks good anywhere


We've finally had enough of the lava flows, so we make a retreat to a spot we scoped earlier during a rather unpleasant downpour.

I almost fell down these stairs to make this photo

Murphy is a very patient model, and I believe this is one of my favorite photos of her:

Summoning Mothership (#neverleavehomewithoutalight)

Mission complete, we find our way back near the harbor and burn up some extra time; pretty easy upon discovery of an old church along the waterfront.

Proper church

Looking up

Lovely cliff

Fun with water

Time to go :(

Finally, our time in Heimaey has expired and we have to board the ferry. It's a short and pleasant trip back to the mainland, and now our journey across the highlands can begin.


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