Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Island Life

Life for the Balinese largely revolves around the sea. In my more cynical days, I'd have suggested that it's difficult for islands to avoid this, but I'd never think of such a thing now.

Minimum wage in Bali is ~150USD/month, and word on the street is that most people get by on about 200USD/month. With an overall budget of seven dollars a day, it should be no surprise that ingenuity and the ocean play pivotal and equal roles in their lives.

At the ready

Good catch

Boat driver + owl

Good as new

Kelp beds I

Kelp beds II

Last tasks

And while not sea-related, a bonus:

Here kitty kitty

It turns out that I do have another post to share from Bali - it's a small collection of photos that don't share a unified theme other than best representing my lasting impressions of the place; suppose it's a highlight reel of sorts.


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