Friday, November 30, 2007


No, that's not a typo. MOvember is a full month dedicated to awareness of prostate health through the glorification of the oft-maligned mustache. I got here mid-month, but diligently did not shave my upper lip after my arrival. It's now December, so I will be bidding adieu shortly to my best-ever attempt at facial hair.

The great thing now is all the Movember parties that are happening; competitions and all. Nearly all of the Mos floating around are truly heinous, and they're meant to be. I should have been snapping pics on the street of the better ones, but I didn't, so a link will have to suffice:

Some Mos

And for some background:


People take it pretty seriously, as the "winners" get new cars.

The Mo prize categories at the party at Monty's last night for a local construction company (near 100% participation) were the No-Go-Mo (I'm firmly in this category), the Ho-Mo (Village People style), the #1-Bro-with-the-Mo (best all-around), and another that I don't remember.

Here's my no-go-mo:
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