Monday, March 2, 2009

The Green Issue

Every publication has one these days, so welcome to the Green Issue of Adventures in New Zealand and Beyond.

Except this Green Issue doesn't have a thing to do with the environment.

Ethel and I are traveling to a very green place one week from today, and here are 3 hints, in order of increasing hint-iness:

Hint 1:
Image Hosted by

Hint 2:
Image Hosted by

Hint 3:
Image Hosted by

I hope you've got it by now...

SOMEbody's excited to be going home for the first time in 3 years, and somebody else is excited to be seeing this place for the first time.

In the spirit of this post I made over a year ago, it turns out that our departure day is notable for a couple more reasons.

It's also the day that a family member will be undergoing a rather invasive and rather rushed (he only was diagnosed a few weeks ago) surgery to remove a large but hopefully benign tumor from his head.

It's also the day that I hear back from MIT about the LFM program I applied to. And with consequences unshared (and not entirely determined) as of yet, this piece of information will have a big impact on What's Next, whether MIT says Yes or No, although I'm obviously gunning for Yes.

So stay tuned, if you're into it, and this space will have lots of pretty green pictures, good news about Bill, and news from MIT.

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