Monday, June 22, 2009

The Hub Opens

This last Friday marked the soft opening (now in full swing) of The Hub, a cool little coffeeshop near downtown Reno. They've got their own little blog here... It shares an owner with Walden's, Reno native and noted bike racer Mark Trujillo.

It was a work morning (=early) for Ethel, so we made our way down there at 6am and enjoyed their fine work and company while familiar faces and strangers alike arrived for the same.

Mark at work near the "parking lot" known as The Bike Wall

Son Joey busy at the espresso machine

Ethel chats to Joey while he works

Ethel, Mark, and Joey

Bag o' beans

The Hub's first latte on opening morning

Tasty and artistic

It's a tiny shop, a whopping 400ish square feet of converted garage, but they've made great use of the space.

Glass and brick

It makes water hot

Row of french presses

Joey's -awesome- signature tamper atop the grinder

Joey in his element

Mark is heavily involved with the bike culture and racing in Reno, so it was only natural to host a Meet 'n Ride with the pros who were in town for the esteemed Tour de Nez.

Early crowd for the Tour de Nez Ride With the Pros

Old swim teammate and current uberbiker Amber

I ended up being in and out a few times over the course of the morning, and what a great opening day for a cool business it was.

Go check 'em out on Cheney St., between Virginia and Center, right by Maytan Music. And no, I haven't been compensated in any way for plugging them. ;)

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