Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yosemite and Skorg

We spent a few days last week down in Yosemite for Grant and Shawna's wedding...quite an intimate affair, very non-traditional ceremony, great friends, etc. Ethel and I went down there 2 days early to cruise around a bit and do some camping and hiking as it was her only week off between fire season and starting back at Patagonia.

We camped out for a few hours at Crane Flat before a 2:30am wakeup call and a 3:45am departure on the Half Dome trail. For all my 29 years on this planet, I'd never hiked it, and Ethel sure hadn't either. Our goal was to summit by sunrise, but we started a bit later than we wanted and it actually worked out OK: we were at the bottom of the infamous cables as the sun rose, and that made the cable climb and our summit visit just a bit warmer.

Awesome rock

Failed but funny self-portrait

YAWN...nuthin' to see up here..., what's over this way?

Back down from the summit before the hordes arrived at the cables, we were able to take our time on the rest of the hike...still a 17-mile round trip...not bad for a morning of hiking...

Sub-Dome and Half Dome from the east...

...and from the back, doing its best igloo impression

Vernal Fall close-up

After having a great time at the rehearsal dinner right by our tent cabin in Curry Village, we crashed hard and got up on wedding day to do a little car- and short-hike-sightseeing: Washburn Point, Glacier Point, and Taft Point.

Obligatory profile shot

Kinda geeked out at Taft Point for a while...all to ourselves...Ethel's perfectly accidental blue ensemble...and a just-past-full moon:

My favorite

Back into the Valley in time to shower and get dressed in our "finest autumn attire," we spent the afternoon in a meadow just outside the Ahwahnee enjoying a ceremony that renewed my faith in what weddings should be like, followed by a bus (drinking) tour of the Valley before the reception.

Bridgette is a bad influence!

There's a story behind this but I still think it's an epic photo on its own...El Cap Meadow


The reception was in the Ahwahnee, quite well done, and good fun.

Mama and Papa Korgan

Wedding favors only Grant could dream up

Cake shot; I left the rest of the photos to the pros!

Speaking of which, Matt and Tara Theilen made the wedding photos...check 'em out here!

And back to Reno we went the next day, after checking out of this:

Our freezing-ass tiny tent cabin

Long live Skorg!

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