Monday, February 8, 2010

Crossing Pavement Occasionally

Murphy and I bailed outta Reno for a quick lap of some of Nevada's dirt roads and ghost towns. After spending Friday night in Tonopah, during which Ethel beefed up on spotting signs of methamphetamine use, we hit the road early Saturday morning.

Before sunrise near Belmont

In no hurry

Beautiful and unique snowflakes make all the trees look the same

Out of place in Manhattan

Middle of absolutely nowhere




Icthyosaur State Park, where big fish roamed the mountains

Berlin ruins

Fortunately, most of these dirt roads are quite well-maintained, and we were able to travel at a good clip. Actually, a lot of the dirt roads were in better shape than nearby asphalt. We had to turn back on one road that went over the mountains as it was snowbound and untraveled, but the lower road was all good.

Our itinerary was as follows: Reno-Tonopah-Belmont-Manhattan-Berlin-Ione-Austin-Middlegate-Reno. Not bad for 24 hours!

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