Wednesday, December 1, 2010


For Thanksgiving, Ethel and I stole away for a few days to Carmel on the California coast. We needed a respite from the single-digit temperatures in Reno; hilariously, when we got there, the locals were shivering and bundling up because it had cooled down to 50. Sissies.

Our first couple days there were clear and calm, predominantly featuring the ocean gently lapping at the smooth sand. We made the most of it by taking a few walks along the beach, soaking in the warm November sun, and otherwise enjoying all the place had to offer. Of course, all that happened in between spates of eating hysterical amounts of food.

These guys would hunker down in footprints like tasty little Yorkshire Puddings.

Rivulets on Carmel River Beach

Tilt/shift portrait

Sun sets over Point Lobos

Cypress at Carmel City Beach

Waning day at the beach

Low tide; looking towards Pebble Beach

Shimmery reflections

Last minutes of light

Murphy ponders the sunset

Soft evening light

Saturday brought some stormy weather, putting a slight damper on the scenery we wanted to see on our drive down to Big Sur, but it's still a gorgeous place in spite of rain and fog. This storm also reawakened the sea, making things a bit more dramatic.

Abandoned barn, through the rain

Maelstrom, part I

Maelstrom, part II

The angry sea makes for awesome long exposures!

Silver lining

Peering down into the pit

Erosion at work, gracefully

Before we left to come home on Sunday, we enjoyed one last session of fresh sea air. The storm was gone but the sea was still angry.

Water, rock, and kelp

Thanks to the Ricciardis for putting us up (and/or putting up with us). We're very grateful to be able to spend time in places like this!


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