Tuesday, February 22, 2011


In the interest of documentation, I've been visiting the sculpture site when there's interesting and photogenic weather. There was a neat sunset last week, so that was one trip.

And then, just like that, Junuary turned back into February, and things got interesting.

The same series of storms that contributed to this past week's reeediculous skiing and snowboarding also brought a lot of snow and wind to the valley floors.

After the wind went away and the snow starting falling down instead of sideways, I made an early morning trip to Carson and was greeted by quite a sight.

Paolo and I have been waiting for freshly fallen snow on this thing for months now, and we are far from disappointed. The seasons have provided yet another angle on this thing!

Lest you think you're only going to ever see photos of this solitary horse, we're marching along on design and fabrication behind the scenes, about a quarter of the way through the entire scene of 16 figures. So while there's only been the one to show off so far, there's lots more to come.



Chris said...

Brilliant! That thing was awesome before but the snow covering makes it even better. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole herd.

Eliot said...

Thanks! We are too...

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