Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We're so dang far out of chronological order now that I'm just gonna fill in the gaps where and when I can...moving on...

Ethel and I took a quick getaway to Seattle last weekend. She'd never set foot in Washington state, we swung a great deal on flight + hotel, and we had a few friends to catch up with. So, why not? Instead of a boring play-by-play of the whole trip, let's just rock out with a few photos and some selected stories. It'll probably be heavily architecture-themed, so stop here if you're not interested.

One of our stops was the Olympic Sculpture Park, a rotating exhibit of big art along the waterfront.

Rusty steel curvy things

One section of the Park holds the Vivarium, a greenhouse that is home to a Nurse Log, which is a big dead tree that sprouts all sorts of new life. Most simplistic description ever, but it really is quite cool.

Fern spores

Welded tree

We wandered to the Space Needle, where we promptly chose to avoid the cost and the lines. The complex around the Needle is also the site of the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum, yet another tourist trap. The architecture is cool, though, and it's free to look at.

Panels I

Panels II

Panels III

Murphy poses it out

Back to downtown...

Most awesome gargoyles ever

We saddled up for an Underground Tour, an entertaining and meandering blast through the tunnels that used to be ground level before Seattle figured out that building a city on tidal flats was a bad idea. I wish we'd heard ahead of time that there was a nighttime Underworld tour also, a less family-friendly version of the Underground Tour where they don't have to call hookers "seamstresses."

The infamous Crapper

Watch your head

Ooooh, gears and stuff

Another cool stop was the Public Library, an architectural masterpiece. I easily could have spent a full day exploring the nooks and crannies of the place, but an hour would have to do.

Headed up

Top o' library I

Top o' library II

We got to catch up with Andy, Jesse, Kari, Daryl, and Melissa. We had awesome food and drink. We saw some cool stuff. So we called it good and headed home.

I've dispensed with my usual flowery writing style as I'm fighting a head cold, have a huge to-do list at work, and am leaving today for three days in the desert chasing Trophy Trucks around. More on that later!



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