Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Feathers and Fur

Continuing on from Story Mill, here are a few more from Montana...just a little wildlife and whatnot.  All of the birds are from a quick float down the Jefferson.

Great Blue Heron

Immature Bald Eagle

Greater Yellowlegs

Owl; variety unknown.  Snake!; variety unknown

A jaunt up into the Tobacco Root Mountains yielded Jackson Lake after and a brisk hike, but no more animals.  The weather had been far too warm to kick off fall foliage, unfortunately.

Grassy yellow stuff near Jackson Lake

And finally, the scourge of garbage cans all across the land, our favorite local bandit. [quite proud of this one: dark out, long lens, wide open, manual focus, manual flash exposure, and handheld, to top it all off]

Raccoon; cuddly, except for the claws

I was able to get a whole bunch of running and some top-notch relaxing done during my lovely but too-brief stay, not to mention some good exploring around Bozeman and Hookjaw.  Ethel's got a few weeks to witness either the continuation of an Indian summer or the onslaught of brutal winter weather.  Good luck with that, babe!


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