Thursday, November 3, 2011

Heart and Fire

I've had the pleasure of assisting on a pretty awesome little project over the last few weeks.  These little talismans (talismen? nope says the little squiggly red line) will be among the guests of honor Saturday night at The Knitting Factory.  If you're not link-inclined, it's a visit from Burning Man's spectacular sound camp Root Society to Reno, and is also an official Korg 3.0 fundraiser.

What you're about to see is the brand-spankin' new Korg 3.0 logo in pendant necklace form.  These photos are the product of our sweatshop assembly servitude session the other night:

Nestled in

Standing out

Hunkered down

Stacked up

There's a lot to be said about these cheery bundles of joy, but I'll keep it fairly short now as this post is merely one cog in a highly-coordinated publicity effort.  What I will say is that they're a gleefully local effort:  designed, cut, and prepped in Reno; anodized with an ultra-steezy selection of colors just over the hill in Auburn; and finally assembled and packaged back in the BLC.  I'd also like to add that the unsolicited devotion to this project displayed by all of the players along the way has been beyond spectacular.

Gushing aside, your first opportunity to get one of your own will be Saturday night at The Knit.

In other news, the next two days will be a veritable whirlwind of jetsetting, photoing, and not sleeping, and it'll be sure to produce lots of blog material, just as soon as I recover.  Sometime next year.


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