Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Alum Creek by Night

After our daytime trip up the canyon, Ethel very rightfully suggested that the waterfall up top could be worth a nighttime photo or two. As the sun set and the temperature plummeted, we skipped the hike and rallied the Jeep up the dirt roads that access the foothills and above. The canyon is well out of sight of the roads, but we knew the spot, parked, and scurried down into the canyon just meters away from the waterfall.

Alum Ice I

Alum Ice II

Alum Ice III

It was absolutely frigid in the canyon, and we were both anxious to warm back up as we could have been dressed a little better.  There were other opportunities at the waterfall, but the creative process was pretty well stymied by the temperature.  I was hoping to make another nighttime trip, but within a couple days, the weather dramatically turned even more anti-winter, and most of the frozen creek melted out.  So that's a bit unfortunate, but I'll overlook the missed opportunities and be eminently grateful that I got what I did!

Bonus Reno photo


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