Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tenaya Ice

As promised, here's a continuation of the trip to Yosemite from early January.  The story is that Matt and I were wandering around on a very frozen Tenaya Lake, and by virtue of needing to not slip and break our necks and untold thousands of dollars worth of camera gear, we spent a good amount of time staring straight down at our feet.

The exceptional clarity of the High Sierra lake, paired with innumerable bubbles that had risen to the surface near the shore in a wide variety of patterns and sizes, made for a veritable photo-geek playground. Unleashing the trusty macro lens and figuring out a deceptively simple way to illuminate them, I quite literally freaked out on it for a couple hours after dialing in the technique.









One thing I love about macro photography is that it exposes lesser-known aspects of the world surrounding us. It was only by virtue of truly remarkable weather conditions that allowed us to be in that place at that time and to photograph something as inane-sounding as ice, and a good example of the benefit of being willing to pounce on unforeseen opportunities.

These photos (and others) are available for purchase as open editions at Kinetic Lens. Remember that 50% of all profits are donated to Best Friends Animal Society, a sanctuary that improves life for animals in need, whatever their shape or size.


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