Saturday, June 2, 2012

Terminal Boredom

Murphy and I traveled to Austin, TX a few weeks back to spend a few days with Riley and Erin, photograph a wedding, and explore the oft-lauded...shall I say...oasis...of Texas (ellipsis alert! [parentheses alert]).

Turns out, our free time in Austin didn't lend itself to many photos, as we were too busy eatin' and drinkin', but when all else fails, there are airports from which to draw inspiration.  By the time I hit an airport, I'm usually ready to leave the camera tucked away.  This time, however, I found myself reveling in burning up our flight time and layover time with it attached to my hand.

Upper atmosphere

Of note, I love seeing the Sierra from the air.  Perhaps my favorite route of all time is the RNO-LAX route, which skirts this amazing range nearly the whole way.  This time, from AUS-OAK, we merely crossed it, but got to do so at a most notable spot.

Yosemite (Route 120, Tenaya, Half Dome, and many other landmarks visible)

Puttering along

OAK glass art


I think it's a shame that current regulations and policies place photography in airports somewhere between "please don't" and "give me that camera," as they're fascinating structures filled with all sorts of eye candy ranging from architecture to art to airplanes to people.  Yes, I've been hassled before (for seemingly innocuous photos), and yes, it pissed me off, so now I'm just vindictive and stealthy.

Anyhow, life seems very busy again all of a sudden, and while that's just fine, it's gonna be quite the ride.  In the meantime, if you'd like to waste a little time, drop by this site to see current winds in the US (click to zoom, click'n'drag to move).  It's fascinating and mesmerizing and far cooler than it sounds...


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