Friday, February 8, 2013

Getaway in Stockholm

If you were on the internet before video content was embedded in every stinkin' thing out there, you may remember the Getaway in Stockholm videos; they glorified disregard for traffic laws as an anonymous driver blasted around the city at night.

Between the 20+ hours of travel to get to Stockholm and then the whirlwind 48 hours of work obligations after we got there, when I finally had the opportunity to escape for a run on the fourth day of our trip, I felt like a prison escapee as I channeled those old videos and gleefully braved the arctic conditions.

Looking across one of many waterways

I'll wait a few months to swim...

As a city of islands and water, it's easy to always be running along some shoreline.  And even though every road and trail was covered in snow and ice, runners and bike commuters were out in full force.  No sissies here!


I certainly wasn't setting any records on surfaces like that, but I think it makes for good technique practice.  Land soft and push off soft, or else you'll break your ass!

Royal Palace

The central area of Stockholm is pretty compact; within only a couple miles, one can see many landmarks and attractions, a welcome break from the sprawl back home.

Always a good time for a skate

Doing more with less

Well-refreshed and with brain chemistry tending away from homicidal, the obligations from earlier in the week started to melt away and I began to really enjoy being away from home.  Right up until it got dark at 3pm.


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