Thursday, October 31, 2013

Black Rock Blast III: Mud

The impetus for this particular trip to the Black Rock was paying a visit to the proprietors of Black Rock Mud, an upstart beauty product company headquartered in Gerlach. They harvest like-no-other-mud-on-earth-mud from the geothermal oddities on their property, condition it, package it, and distribute it to spas all around the world.

Gray gold

Their operations are most modest; family-run, simple, and functional. It's cool to see behind the scenes of a company that's targeting the bizarro world of high-end beauty products, which is about as removed from a rural Nevada family as one could imagine.

Product testing

Award-winning packaging; plant it and add water

They even won an international award for their environmentally-friendly packaging: paper with wildflower seeds embedded in it. It would probably be cost-prohibitive to plant your entire garden with these boxes, though :)

Big thanks to Shelly for her hospitality and for showing us around, too!

We're halfway through posts from this trip; you greedy vampires will probably like what I've got in the hopper for next week...


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