Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Desolation: The Spot

Our auxiliary adventure on this trip to Desolation took us to a little jewel of a lake perched high above Lake Aloha. Lauren and Ethel stayed at the cabin, so this was a boys' trip, which would normally be dangerous, except that we're a pretty tame crew.

This lake isn't exactly a secret (it's on the map...), but it's not exactly well-known, either. It kinda feels wrong to spray its name all over the the internet (well, the corner of the internet that all seven of you visit), so we'll just call it the Spot and you can trust that if you ever find yourself there, you'll be glad that you're there and that two hundred other people aren't there at the same time.

The Spot; does not suck

There's only one way to commemorate one's arrival at the Spot.

Welcome home, Chase

It really is a jewel. Tiny, crystal clear, and freezing cold, it sits along a ridgeline between Lake Aloha and the Tahoe basin. It's got views in nearly every direction, and the stream outlet on the east side makes it feel a little bit like an infinity pool. The terrain off to the east side is also a tad on the steep side.

Remnants of an old avalanche far below

Exploring the surroundings of this oh-so-sweet lake can easily consume as much time as is allotted, as the rocky terrain hides all sorts of neato nooks and crannies.


As the Spot is unforgivingly (I apparently made that word up) exposed to the brunt of the Sierra's harshest storms, the few trees up there score high on the whatever scale combines "gnarled" and "hardy." I don't know exactly how this scale is laid out, but I do know that Justin Bieber is on the opposite end of it. Curiously, in my perfect world, Justin Bieber is on the opposite end of a LOT of things.

All sorts of pointy

I found a particular shred of a tree that was a) still alive, and b) so thrashed that I was able to climb inside of it to make a few photos. It was a remarkable tree, but no surrounding angles on it did it any justice, so inside was the only viable option.

And a more comprehensive look (click for bigger)

Whiling away an afternoon up here is a delightful indulgence, and as is common when the photo-geeks are in full force, the daytime is really just a placeholder filled with swimming and beer until the going gets serious.


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