Monday, November 24, 2014

Open Wide

One benefit of the line of work I'm in is that every now and then I get to play photographer as part of my job, which really just means a ready excuse to fiddle with my toys and get paid for it.

This in and of itself is not dreadfully unique; there are plenty of people who make photos for their work. What DOES make it unique is that I'm probably one of very few who gets to torture his colleagues with insane and unreasonable demands like:

"OK, this is really going to hurt, but I need you to stare DIRECTLY into the strobe."

"Right, I need you to hold your eyelids as far apart as possible. Further. Further. I don't care if it hurts. Further."

"Hmm, I'm getting reflections from your knuckles on your cornea. Cover your fingers in gaff tape and then do it again. Wider. WIDER!"

Good morning, sunshine

Most of the time, I'm photographing eyes for purposes of art or less invasive forms of data collection. But every now and then, you absolutely positively need a photo of the entire iris.

Full Clockwork

It's not that I'm particularly sadistic, it's just that it needs to be right because science. I swear. I will, however, admit that it's pretty funny when I find them bumping into things and swatting at imaginary fireflies half an hour after we're done.

Thanks for suffering, guys.


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