Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Iceland: Reykjavik Stroll

Safely back in Reykjavik, we settle quickly back into the routine of sleep-wander-eat-wander-drink-wander-eat-repeat. I don't know of a substantially better way to explore a city, even one with a small downtown like Reykjavik.


This particular wandering episode with Murphy and Joe is fueled wholly by an epic meal at the Seabaron, where we're served some sort of lobster bisque/chowder/enlightenment and bread. Sated, we wander from block to block and pier to pier, perhaps stopping for ice cream just in case we get tired.

I see an elephant, thanks

We've only spent a grand total of a couple days within Reykjavik, but it's already starting to feel familiar. There are only so many coffees, snacks, meals, and beers one can drink in a day, but we're committed to suffering for the cause.

Growing season

One bonus on this day is that a coffee shop we've long been pursuing is finally open, and we're lucky, because he's closing soon to pursue a catering business. The coffee exceeds our expectations, so we consider the day a success.

Only a few more stops in the Iceland time machine, so buckle up for more insight into the dregs of my perception :)


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