Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rainbow Moon

I have a hard time keeping my head from tilting back to look at Big Things That Are Far Away, and this weakness has been explored repeatedly in this space. Part of our settling-in period in NZ included recalibrating ourselves to the new and unusual patterns of the sun, moon, and stars, which might sound silly, so hey, maybe it is.

Anyhow, shadows move the wrong way here, and the moon goes C-O-D instead of D-O-C and Orion is still visible although upside down. Or maybe he's just...excited... We've had a few moonrises that have been enhanced by atmospheric conditions that would be highly unusual in Reno, and this has made for good sky-shows for us.

Rainbow gradient magnificence

Overly aesthetic peekaboo

I've not done a good job of being prepared for these things; it seems to involve saying "oh god DAMN" and clattering half a glass of wine down and careening down the sides of the hallway looking for the correct camera gear.

Thanks, moon!


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