Monday, August 10, 2015

Tunnel Beach

Murphy and I visited some mates in Dunedin a while back, and we spent a couple hours exploring Tunnel Beach, a somewhat well-known spot that features a hearty walk down (and up). The long string of out-of-breath plodding zombies coming the other way gives us a rough idea of how much longer we have to walk down.

The wind is fairly angry on this particular day, despite the sunny skies, which makes the sea prime for some nice photo opportunities.

Oooooh colors and shapes and things

After a good long while exploring up top, we head down to sea level and find whatever there is to find down there.


I feel ya, buddy

Freshly wet

This tunnel is what gives the beach its name; it's the only way down to the beach, unless you take an unplanned tumble off the big-ass cliffs above.

One lane

Last look back


The march back up isn't quite as bad as the huffing and puffing masses made it seem to be, but it still got the ol' heart ticking. Just made our beer in Dunedin taste all that much better!



jules older said...

Wow! Great shots from our old home town.

Eliot said...

Thanks Jules!

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