Friday, February 19, 2016

Renovated Reno Residence

Architectural photography is a form of this art I enjoy immensely, but is one I don't get to practice as often as I'd like. It's extremely time-consuming and super-technical; I also can't imagine what it would be like to do this during film days. Mad respect yo.

Whenever I have the opportunity to dive into some architectural work, I'm usually keen for it, and I feel fortunate to be excellent friends with a guy who produces astounding residential and commercial spaces. Lest this sound like an ad, Paolo, overlord at Tutto Ferro, cares deeply about his craft, so I love setting up a camera in front of his work.

Anyhow, these photos are from a house in Old Southwest Reno that underwent a lengthy and comprehensive renovation. It still (mostly) looks like an Old Southwest home from the outside, but nearly everything got given a good going-through. Here are my favorites:

Side walkway

Front yard

Front door


Sitting room

Many surfaces

Coolest guest bathroom ever; sunken Japanese tub

Stacked sliders

Back patio

Thanks again to the owners for graciously allowing access, to Paolo for his tireless work to transform the joint, and to top-notch photo slaves Nate and Murphy for tolerating the drudgery.



Unknown said...

Excellent work, brah-sef (alterated Hawaiian parlance)! Memories of lovely-to-look-at and terrible-to-clean-up-after sycamores come rushing back! Adjustable-lighting within fireplace fixture is--I daresay--better than having a fireplace! And love the flip-flop of said subject in the photes!

Eliot said...

Thanks R$!

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