Saturday, December 17, 2016

Blue Lagoon and Hamburger Rock

That's "hamburger rock," not "Hamburger Rock." It's not a place, you see, it's just the volcanic muck that used to be liquid and is now a solid version of Satan's Meringue, and hamburger is what it'll turn your flesh into if you slip up.

Hamburger rock

As we settle into the daily routine on Nusa Lembongan, we find ourselves leisurely wandering, via scooter, to any and everything of interest on the island. It's worth noting that we go for runs in the morning, but it's beastly hot and humid by the time the sun rises, so sightsee-by-running is not really a viable option for day missions. It's a great weight loss technique when you can come back from a 6am run lighter by 10 pounds of least I think that's a good technique [passes out].

Ultra blue

Anyhow, one of the nearby attractions is the Blue Lagoon, site of a 13m (+/- tide) cliff jump and restaurant/club/purveyor of liquid courage, all of which was unfortunately decommissioned sometime in the not-so-recent past. Decommissioning the cliff jump also saw them remove any way to get out of the water, thus suitably discouraging people who view "closed" signs merely as suggestions. Not to say I'm one of those people, of course.

I guess this means you're closed

So close

Acting like she's not scared shitless

As we walk around the creepy remains of what used to be a hopping tourist spot, we notice that the lava is stained blood red every few meters; all it takes is a simple slip of a foot to bring one crashing, ass over teakettle, down upon Satan's Meringue, thus turning the whole area into a veritable DNA collection depot. I can only imagine the carnage they dealt with on a daily basis when the bar was operational...

Of course, hamburger rock isn't unique to Blue Lagoon; it's available most places where the see hasn't beat the land into smooth submission. However, the stuff at Blue Lagoon is noticeably more gruesome than anywhere else we find. In other places, it's totally tourist-friendly.


I see you

At least there's less blood. And it does make for pretty beautiful reflection pools, anyway.

Calm and choppy

More to come soon from the infinite backlog. Looking forward to cracking this nut of Bali posts and then getting into much much more!


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