Monday, December 10, 2007

December 11, a day of note...

...for three reasons.

#1. It's Fockler's birthday. Wish him a good one. What an old man, being 28 and all.

#2. It's been one month since Silverman. I'd say I'm about 80% recovered. Fond memories from the day are still fresh.

#3. It's been one month since I've driven a car. Aside from the little road trip with Jesse and Lisa, I've only been in a car 5 times and on a bus 2 or 3 times. I believe the only other time I've gone this long without driving since I got my license, I had a couple of broken legs.

So I've got today and tomorrow off, and it's supposed to rain steadily today, tomorrow, and Thursday. It's pouring right now. Grrr.

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